Student Realizes Her True Passions

By Lacey Brown

The room was buzzing with nervous small talk. Katherine Hennon had a warm and welcoming smile so I knew that she would be willing to open up.

Hennon was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Although she loves St. Louis, when it came time to make college decisions Hennon realized that she had outgrown her hometown. She fell head over heels for South Carolina’s charm and knew that Columbia was the new home she was looking for.

Her parents always encouraged her to find her passion and pursue any career but they definitely made it known that she needed to have some kind of career after school. Her dad works in the steel industry while her mom is a former stay-at-home parent turned real estate agent. They both have steady jobs which is another catalyst for Hennon’s can do spirit.

“I think that if I wasn’t driven and determined on my own, my parents would have been way more hands on with my decisions.” Hennon said. You could see in her eyes that she was ready to take on any challenge that came her way.

When she began college at USC she had lofty aspirations. “I was a double major in English and political science, “ she says. Hennon had plans to go to law school and use her degree to enter the battleground that is Washington, D.C. However, she did a complete 180 flip when she decided to become a public relations major instead.

“I think that working the Masters Tournament in Augusta really changed my perspective,” Hennon said. She was offered the opportunity to work at the prestigious sporting event where she learned her true passions.

“I would really like to do communications for those big tournaments like the PGA championship or the Wells Fargo championship.” She said that golf itself is more of a lifestyle than just a sport. Hennon really enjoys the fact that her future career could be as fast paced and hands on as she wants.

She has had a few different internships and jobs. After working with a public relations agency, she knew a traditional work environment was not for her. She wants to be able to enjoy her job even if it challenges her or makes her work a little harder. She reminded me that wanting a great work environment and a challenge is the perfect mix for the first job out of college.

As a senior in college, Hennon is looking forward to what the future may bring. She said “College is a lot of fun but [she’s] ready for the next step.” The anxiety of finding a job and graduation has only a minimal effect on Hennon. After 4 years of being young and having fun, she feels prepared to flip to a new chapter in her life.

Brown is a senior public relations major

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