Focusing on Calmness

By Michael Bauldrick

The influence of family and friends shaped Zoe Gertz from childhood to the present.

Born as the oldest in a small town in Maryland, Gertz comes from a family of four.  Her family also owns four dogs; a French bulldog, two german shepherds and one dog that resembles a shih tzu.  Gertz’s interests include exercise and cooking Italian based dishes.  Coldplay and Chance the Rapper top her list of favorite musicians, with her favorite movie being “Father of the Bride”.

Early in life, Gertz encountered issues common among young people. She found herself overthinking situations she would be involved in.  This habit reared its head during a 7th grade spelling bee.  By letting her excitement get the better of her, she missed a chance to win in the final round, misspelling the word “Piano.”

Years later during high school, Gertz met her school advisor Mr. Charles Reef, who was able to help her get over her overthinking.  Her advisor’s calm demeanor inspired students.  Gertz took that calm to heart, participating in lacrosse and soccer.  She got involved in student government and eventually rose to the position of student body president.  It was at this time, that Gertz had to decide between attending the College of Charleston or the University of South Carolina. After visiting USC and consulting with a close friend, she decided the city of Columbia offered an atmosphere better suited for a college student.

Her immediate family inspired her.  Her father, a senior real estate agent, is“the hardest worker that she knows,” Gertz says.  He inspired her to focus on the real estate sector of public relations.  Her previous focus was in fashion design, where she interned with the magazine Marie Claire.  Her mother’s love of knowledge and her constant need to be learning and improving also inspire her.

Gertz wants to be someone who can pass along what she has learned to future generations.  She feels a deep desire to help empower young women and girls to become the best that they can be.  “The biggest piece of advice I can offer at this point is to treat others how you yourself would want to be treated,” she said.

Bauldrick is a public relations senior

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