Experiencing the Unknown

By Calvin Mitchener

            Anna Frazier is a polite and religious Southern girl on the surface. But once you get to know her you realize she has broken out of her comfort zone. The experiences she has had have shaped her into who she is today and helped her stay true to her roots.

Frazier was born and raised in Richmond, Va. She chose to attend the University of South Carolina while most of her friends stayed close to home.

“Most people I knew from high school went to the same two nearby universities, I chose to go to USC to do something different,” she said.

This is the kind of characteristic that defines Frazier, a fervent desire to explore the unknown and challenge herself. She has lived with this mentality her entire life. Last year, Frazier studied abroad in Valencia, Spain. A Spanish minor, she says she can understand most of the language but has trouble writing it. While many of Frazier’s friends and sorority sisters studied in nearby Barcelona, Frazier decided on Valencia in another example of her proclivity to seek out challenges.

“I wanted to study somewhere different than my sorority sisters to make the experience more authentic and get outside my comfort zone,” she said.

While many students would like to spend a semester abroad with their friends, Frazier elected to do the opposite. Leaving herself virtually alone in a foreign country. Frazier recalls living in a dorm in Valencia and not knowing anyone. This forced her to gain a better grasp on the new language and culture.

“I noticed how people in Spain tend to live in the moment, as opposed to Americans who seem to constantly be concerned about the future,” Frazier said.

After adjusting to being in a foreign country, Frazier said she adapted to life in Spain and the laid-back culture. She used her time overseas to travel to more new places. From visiting Germany to camping in the Moroccan desert, Frazier made the most of her time abroad. Each of these expeditions ties into the theme that she lives her life by. Frazier is constantly striving to experience new things and new places.

Her time in Spain may have broadened her horizons, but Frazier still fancies herself a Southern woman. She would love to live in Charleston, SC, or her hometown of Richmond after graduation. She interned in Charleston this past summer as a wedding planner.

“Being a wedding planner was awesome. It forced me to interact with people and think of things in a way that I might never have before,” she said.

Each experience has molded Frazier. She is now a person who has gone out of her way to push her own boundaries and comforts.

Mitchener is a print journalism senior

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