Driven by the Game

By Anna Frazier

University of South Carolina senior, Calvin Mitchener, may fit the stereotype of the typical all-American college boy, but his aspirations are far from ordinary. When he is not in the classroom, you can bet Mitchener is either watching sports, playing sports, or hanging out with friends.

Mitchener’s father wasn’t much of a sports fan. However, this did not deter Mitchener from engaging in various sports at a young age. “I have always had a passion for basketball. I played in many leagues throughout high school and I coached youth basketball as well,” Mitchener said. His high school basketball team even went on to win the championship his junior year. Sports shaped a good part of Mitchener’s teenage years; helping him find himself, make lasting friendships and learn some valuable lessons.

At USC, Mitchener is pursuing a major in print and minor in sports management. However, sports entertainment draws his interest more than anything. “It wasn’t until I took a sports management class at USC that I realized the possibility of pursuing a career in sports,” Mitchener said.

The past few years Mitchener has focused on sports marketing and management.  He accepted a marketing internship with his favorite basketball team, the Charlotte Hornets, where he gained sales experience in cold calls and ticket sales. “My internship with the Hornets really drew me into the idea of working in the sports entertainment industry.” Upon graduating this upcoming spring, Mitchener plans to pursue a career in sports with a focus on merchandising and sales. He would love to work with a major-league basketball or football team someday, but is open to what comes his way.

Mitchener has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina for his whole life. The Southern culture, weather, and way of life are what helped shape his decision to stay close to home and attend USC. After graduating, he would love to stay and work somewhere in the Southeast, but he is open to moving elsewhere.

Mitchener says his greatest feat in both sports and his life came on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Here, Mitchener’s home team, the Carolina Panthers faced the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXXVIII to compete for the National Football League (NFL) championship in 2003. While his team may have lost, this experience deepened Mitchener’s love for sports.

Mitchener believes in sincerity, loyalty, and honesty. He is open-minded, driven, and sociable. He lives his life by the “Golden Rule”. “I try to always treat others the way I’d want to be treated,” he said.

Frazier is a public relations senior

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