Changing Paths

By Tanner Young

Let me introduce you to Beatriz “Betty” Lavandero. A woman whose Spanish heritage and interest in sports I share.

Lavandero is a member of a certain group of people that makes our country great. She is an immigrant; her father hails from the long coastal country of Chile. Other members of her family are from Spain. My mother’s grandparents are from Spain. Lavandero grew up in the city of Miami. That also connected us because we liked the same sports team. Lavandero roots for the Miami Heat, and so did I when my favorite basketball player, Lebron James, played for them. She and I share the same major, public relations and share the fact that we both transferred colleges.

When I asked Lavandero what she could accomplish and who was her mentor, her answer all rolled into one. The biggest thing she wants to accomplish is to make a difference in someone’s life. C.J. Lake, her mentor, inspired her. Lake is the social media coordinator for the journalism school and Lavandero applied for an internship with her. Although Lavandero didn’t get the internship, Lake made an impact on her, helping her make connections.

In five years, Lavandero said she would like a successful and happy career because she is a very independent person. Lavandero’s life motto is “you can fix anything in life but death”. Though she planned to go to College of Charleston and have a completely different major, it didn’t go as planned. She changed her major, college, and friends. This sounds like a big failure, but life is all about how you bounce back. Betty now goes to Carolina, has great friends, and is about to graduate making her happier than ever before. Her favorite book is “Wuthering Heights” because she relates to the strong independent female protagonist. “Gone with the Wind” marks her favorite film. Fleetwood Mac is my favorite band so I could relate to her loving the Beatles. Lavandero says she would love to meet with our first president George Washington so she could ask him how the world morphed into such a mess.

Young is a public relations senior


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