Meet Wesley Mitchell

By Madelyn Smith

Wesley Mitchell is a very dedicated student who always stays true to herself. A junior at the University of South Carolina, she is studying public relations. She is very committed to her studies and has worked really hard so she can graduate a semester early. Mitchell is a Lexington, South Carolina, native who is very ambitious and enjoys anything life throws at her.

Mitchell began school at USC in fall 2014 and was very unsure where life was going to take her. She went to college without any plans of what she wanted to major in. She was undeclared her freshman year but focused on business classes. Mitchell realized she hated those classes because there was too much math involved.

During her freshman year she decided to take a leap of faith and participate in a pageant for the first time. She surprised herself and won the pageant. Mitchell was labeled Miss South Carolina Teen USA in 2015. Winning the pageant meant she was committed to represent the state of South Carolina in a positive light. She had the opportunity to compete in the national pageant in the Bahamas in 2015.

“I realized that I liked it way more than anything I was doing in school and my grades weren’t good because of it,” said Mitchell. She loved every aspect of pageant life, but found herself not caring about school at all. During her year as Miss South Carolina Teen USA she got to attend makeup classes with some big makeup artists and was able to start branding herself through her social media platforms.

When Mitchell’s sophomore year came around, her mom told her she should think about majoring in public relations because everything she was doing for her pageant was public relations related. She was planning events, scheduling appearances and representing the state of South Carolina in a positive way. She finally declared her major as public relations and has loved school ever since. Mitchell could not be happier with her decision.

Her love for public relations has led her to a huge internship opportunity. She began working for Nephron Pharmaceuticals in January 2017 as the company’s marketing and public relations intern. Mitchell said the company supports the younger generation and is eager to hire recent college graduates.

A member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority on campus, she is really involved in the organization. She serves as the judicial chair, which involves holding members responsible for their actions. “It is a really hard job because people get mad at me a lot, but it fits my personality and I’m able to do the job without being hypocritical,” said Mitchell.

Her family also is important to her. Mitchell is the middle child and has a younger brother and an older brother. She has always been a cat person. “I probably like cats a little too much,” said Mitchell. She currently has two cats, Ritter, named after the German chocolate Ritter Sport. Mitchell studied abroad in Germany and became obsessed with the chocolate. She has another cat named Mufasa, Muf for short. Muf is scared and timid and Ritter wants attention at all times.

Mitchell is a very dedicated to the things she most cares about. “I am very outgoing, but consider myself to be a passionate person,” said Mitchell. “The things I care about have a big impact on my life.” She continues to brand herself in hopes to build a positive reputation.

Smith is a public relations senior