Anderson’s Purpose In Life

By: Nicholas Spano

“The fact that I can help someone makes me smile and get up every day.” This unselfishness can immediately attract anyone immediately who talks with Rashaan Anderson. The thought helps him to be the best he can be.

For Anderson, he would rather be remembered as a kind-hearted individual that someone can look back on and know that he was a great guy and willing to put himself last for the greater good.

Anderson grew up in a military family where traveling around the country was quite the normal thing. Born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but mostly raised in Norfolk, Virginia, he’s a Southern boy with an outgoing and intellectual personality.

Rashaan’s father is considered hands down his role model and a top-ranked Master Sergeant in the U.S. Airforce. He says his parents are, “strict and protective parents but also understanding.” With his father in the military and mother as a kindergarten assistant, they are very proud of him being the first to graduate not only high school but also college. That’s a milestone for his family.

Anderson works hard with his studies majoring in broadcasting. His ability to write creatively, good use of the camera, and a voice that fits perfect for the radio ties into his dreams of covering hard news.

Anderson is a huge sports fan, cheering for his favorite baseball team The Chicago White Sox. In basketball, he roots for the Miami Heat. As you begin to talk to Anderson, you see a different side of him. He escapes any stress with reading his favorite comic books and very much expressing that Superman is his favorite superhero.

Life has not been easy for Anderson. But he explains that with struggles, can reveal the true purposes of life. Losing his girlfriend Hannah, he states was, “the hardest enduring he has ever faced.” The loss of someone special to his heart creates a glow of celebration for what she stood for in life. Those values were passed down to Anderson who wants to help people with depression, alcoholism, and any other obstacles someone may be facing in life.

Anderson has always had the desire to travel which goes well with his major and all the values he stands for. His desired job would include helping others and being able to travel and visit new places. He seems to have a very bright future. One day he will be able to overcome his fear of heights and fly above the clouds for the first time marking out his road map for the next adventure in life.

Spano is a public relations senior