Learning to be Grateful

By Bobbie Brinkley

She cares. The words she speaks are sincere. If she wants something, she doesn’t expect for it to land right there in her hands. She knows the value of hard work. Nothing should come the easy way, but the way in which you appreciate something and deserve it because you put the time and work in. Create your own path. Be a person who is grateful for the life you have. Grateful is a word that gets tossed around, but are people actually grateful for the life they have?

To her, being grateful is saying thank you more times than you’re welcome. Waking up: tired, sick, emotionally distraught, but realizing you actually woke up, whereas many others, may not have woken up that same morning. Learn the value from appreciating what you have. Help others. Spend an extra 2 hours on a project to do a better job than you think you can. Strive to be a better you. Answer the phone for 10 minutes during the busiest part of your day to talk with your mom. Signs of being grateful are shown in a variety of ways, in different forms.

Over the last few years, while getting older and going through college, she’s noticed how many people surrounding her most of the time expect a certain kind of life without thinking they need to appreciate their own or work for what they have or want. She has lived through and seen others struggle and not be as fortunate. Her mother who lived in a tent at one point in her life, while having to care for her sister and mother, didn’t have the chance to go to college. Being her daughter, she saw first-hand the opportunities she had, that her mother and many others didn’t have. When people don’t realize or appreciate what they have, it hurts her. Whatever someone is complaining about, someone else is probably begging for. No matter how you look at it, glamourous or not, it makes her happy when people are content and happy with how things are.


Brinkley is a broadcast journalism junior