Going for a Hike

By Nicholas Spano

A hike can give you adventurous memories that will last a lifetime. My five senses happened with all that nature provided me during a hike that I took with my friends. As we got out of the car we headed up the mountain and came across our first sense with a path covered in rocks and dirt. Just a couple feet ahead was a sign that had arrows pointing to the left 10 miles and to the right it was half the distance to the peak. As we hurried up the mountain, I heard the animals such as the birds chirping up in the trees and the squirrels chasing one another causing the leaves to crunch heightened my senses. As we climbed higher in elevation we became parched and breathing was much harder. The sugary blue Gatorade and crunchy filled peanut butter bars were gobbled down quickly adding a boost of energy to my body. I felt the wind run through my sweat filled face and hair as I touched the rocks to sit on top of the mountain. Reaching the top of the mountain meant that we achieved our goal and were awarded a red and orange filled Carolina sunset that covered miles of land.

Spano is a public relations senior