Walking with Five Senses

By Kelli Caldwell          

           Even though it’s January I was hit with a heat wave of 75 degrees as soon as I stepped out of my apartment. Most of the trees are dead from the cold temperatures that were just a few days ago but some had green leaves blowing in the wind. I decided I wanted to cut through the Horseshoe on such a pretty day when I started walking behind a girl with a neon orange backpack with a Tri-Delta pin on it. The color of the book bag made me smile because it reminded me of summer time. As I climbed the business school steps I heard different conversations among students about classes and what they were going to eat for lunch. Between the business school and the coliseum building it resembles a wind tunnel even when there’s only a little wind. Today I happened to wear my hair down and the wind took full advantage of the opportunity to turn my hair into a knotted mess. I could tell other girls were experiencing this problem and even some of the guys.

             Walking up the law school steps I had to use the railing to help myself up but then quickly took my hand away because I thought of all the germs that were resting on it. I noticed from the time it took me to get to the Horseshoe most people were either looking down or on their phones. This made me sad because of how tired and unhappy everyone either coming from or going to class looked on such a beautiful day. The occasional happiness I saw was when people were talking on the phone with someone and smiled to what was said to them. The other occasional happiness is when someone would recognize another person and yell a funny nickname across the street. Those calls got a few strangers to smile.

           After hearing only the sounds of people’s steps and cars driving by, arriving at the Horseshoe was a relief to see people actually enjoying the weather. Some people had blankets spread out and were enjoying a good book while others were throwing a ball to their dogs. I realized I still had some time before my class started so I decided to sit on a bench and enjoy some of the weather. The bench was nice and warm from the sun and I could even smell someone’s freshly brewed coffee as he walked by me. The laughter and casual conversations going on was a nice way to break up my long walk to class. This walk reminded me that I should enjoy this beautiful campus more often by paying attention to the people and environment around me.

Caldwell is a public relations junior