Taking A Walk To The Park

By Morgan Dixon

As I set out on a walk to the park near my house, I can already hear the screams of the children and the dogs barking at the park. I open the door to my house and the door knob is starting to rust a little. I remind myself to let my landlord know next time I talk to them about that. As I shut the door behind me, the wind chimes knock against one another creating a loud bang to mark my exit from the house. There is wind blowing briskly and my hair blows in the wind. It is a beautiful day outside and warmer than a regular January day, which makes it a perfect day for a walk. My first sights outside are what they have been for the past two months, construction workers and machinery. I wave a quick hello as walk down the side walk towards the park. As soon as I clear the annoying construction work directly outside my house, the walk is already better than before. An orange cat crosses my path and stops to stare at me as I continue my walk to the park.

I turn the corner and can see the entrance of the park already. I slow down and touch the leaves on the trees around, taking in all the sights and sounds. I know that the park will be busier than usual today because of the great weather we have been having. As soon as I get to the park and my feet touch the grass, I am already way more relaxed. There are children and parents running around, playing all sorts of games. Then further past that, there are dogs running after one another in the dog friendly area of the park. All I want to do is pet every single dog, but I stop myself. I take a seat on the bench to observe what is going on around the park. So many families playing and enjoying themselves, just like me, on this beautiful January day. After a little while at the park, I decide it is time to head home so I push myself up off the concrete bench I was sitting on and make my way back to my house.

Dixon is a public relations senior