Strolling on a Sunday

By Margo Schiffman

I walked outside on a dreary Sunday afternoon. It had been raining off and on since Friday. I could tell this by how heavy and thick the air felt. I walked down the sidewalk a bit till I got to the end of my street.  I stepped on some grass and could feel how drenched the ground was. My gray shoes now had a slight brown tint from the muddy ground.

I kept walking down Blossom St heading towards the Earth Fare. The ground was covered in wet leaves that had fallen from the trees during the rain. I heard a loud car engine go by me as a car drove too fast on a neighborhood street. I spotted a lady walking her small white dog across the street. The dog kept trying to stop. I could see the frustration grow on the lady’s face.

A peak of sunlight came through the clouds as I turned down Chatham Avenue. The sun felt nice since it seemed like it had been days since I had seen it. I spotted the Earth Fare that was packed with people. There had been a big sale that made it even worse than usual for a Sunday. I walked in the Earth Fare and was greeted with a smell of breads and fresh foods. The lines were filled with people carrying their groceries for the week. I went straight to the hot food section that was filled with colorful foods from all types of cuisines. I skipped most of those and just grabbed myself a cup of warm tomato soup.

I got in the long line and patiently waited for my turn. When I finally got to pay, the cashier exclaimed about how busy they had been and even more so for a Sunday. I told him good luck and began to walk outside to start my journey home. I decided to walk on Devine for a bit. Devine Street was filled with cars. The sound never stopped of cars rushing by me as I walked. Most were trying to find spots at the several restaurants on the street. I finally saw the crooked sign that read Amherst Avenue.

I turned onto my street and could see the pale grey house that I have been in for 3 years now. The sky was even grayer than when I left. I felt a small raindrop hit my shoulder as I walked up my leaf covered driveway. I opened the door of my house and just knew that I would stay in for the rest of the day.

Schiffman is a Public Relations senior