A Pause to Observe

By Grant Hensley

I chose to do this “five senses” assignment while sitting at a bench on the Horseshoe. I’ll start with the senses of taste and feel because that is what first came to mind during my experience. When I came out to the Horseshoe I picked up a copy of the Daily Gamecock and brought my sweet tea from Chick-fil-a to accompany me out for a trip, which I chose to make longer than just the 8-10 minute requirement due to the fact that this assignment was a lot more peaceful than I originally planned it to be.

Once in place I savored every single sip of my “sweet” tea as Chick-fil-a always tends to over fill the cup with ice and tried to soak up everything around me. I was expecting to hear a wide variety of nature sounds, as I don’t usually do something like this, but on a Thursday at 12 noon, the majority of the sound was students in a rush to get to class.

However, in between the sips and the bustle of college students, you could hear all the birds chirping, squirrels running around eating the acorns falling from the trees, which I also noticed would bury some of the acorns I guess to save for later. Anyway, as time rolled on I realized how many different personality people used these grounds. At one point I saw a girl hoola hooping, a guy doing gymnastics flips, and a family enjoying lunch all surrounding the Maxcy Monument in the center of this historic area.

After 20 minutes taking in the Horseshoe I decided to depart only to realize that I never even picked up the newspaper once because I was so interested in the wide variety of things that were going on around me. So to summarize this whole experience, I would say that I learned more about people and the things that I miss around me by just coasting through life rather than being more present from what is going on everywhere I venture.

Hensley is a senior public relations major